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Equip families for generational change.

Our vision is to see vulnerable communities
spiritually restored through the love of Jesus Christ.

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About Makarios

Makarios means blessed, and we have certainly seen God's hand on this ministry. Our story is a story of change. From the day we opened our doors in Montellano, Dominican Republic, to the current expansion across the entire island and Uganda, God has allowed this ministry to not only be changed but to help bring about change for His glory.

We believe that in order for generational change to occur in vulnerable communities spiritual restoration must take place within the family unit. Churches and Schools are most connected to these family units, so we dedicate our work to advancing God's kingdom by equipping them to bring about spiritual restoration for a better future!

We equip families for generational change around the world.

Equipping Families

We believe in the power of family, especially in vulnerable communities. At our own Makarios School and Family Empowerment Center in the Dominican Republic, we design and test programs and activities that create opportunities for spiritual restoration, ultimately leading to systemic change. We refine for impact, and then distribute them as equipping programs for Partner Schools and Churches.

Equipping Churches

We partner with local churches in vulnerable communities to equip them with family strengthening biblical resources, trainings, and equipping programs, so they can work towards healthy, spiritually restored families within their communities. We then provide opportunities for these church families to serve through our School Partners Family Empowerment Programs within their communities.

Equipping Schools

We partner with under-resourced Christian schools to create Family Empowerment Programs based on our model that leverage their relationships with the parents in their schools in order to disciple the entire family. We provide these schools with training, support, continuing education, and staff (or servants from their local churches) as they work together towards systemic change through spiritual restoration of the family.

Lasting change begins with inward change.
Makarios family empowerment

The importance of strengthening the family unit.

In a world where the the family unit is under attack, it is increasingly evident that our work must focus on spiritual restoration within the home, especially in vulnerable communities. Dedicated to preserving what God has instituted, we recognize that a healthy, spiritually restored family contributes to systemic change for generations to come. Our programs are centered on Scripture, geared towards true empowerment, and are focused on sustainable and effective restoration within entire communities.

Generosity is our privilege.

Together, we can bring about spiritual restoration for systemic change by equipping families, churches, and schools around the world.

vision, learning, and serving trips

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Vision & Prayer Trip

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Serving Trip

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Learning Trip

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