About Makarios.

Our vision is to see vulnerable communities around the world spiritually restored through the love of Jesus Christ.

We're on mission every day to see this vision become a reality by equipping Families, Churches, and Schools as we work towards spiritual restoration for systemic change.

Our beliefs

We believe that salvation through faith in Christ alone is the only way to see true restoration.

Our vision

To see vulnerable communities spiritually restored through the love of Jesus Christ.

Our mission

To equip Churches, Schools, and Families in order to bring about spiritual restoration.

Makarios Spiritual Restoration

Systemic change through spiritual restoration.

The root problem preventing systemic change is spiritual brokenness. Without addressing the need for the Gospel, our efforts for systemic change will fall short.

Spiritual restoration one family at a time

How we achieve our mission

The Big Picture

We operate a School and a Family Empowerment Center in Montellano, Dominican Republic. After years of educating children in our school while also equipping their families, we have seen how this investment brings about spiritual restoration in the family unit. We are now compelled to share our experience by designing tools that equip and strengthen families through church and school partnerships throughout the Dominican Republic and in Uganda.

Empowering Families

Our relational approach of empowering families is what makes our work effective. By building relationships through home visits and trainings, we gain trust and an opportunity to speak into a family's life which allows us to get at the heart of specific issues in the home. By identifying and addressing these root issues, we are empowering families and seeing spiritual restoration take place.

In the Church

The local church is the vehicle that God uses to bring about spiritual restoration in communities. We are building up and equipping local churches with tools and resources, so they can be the vessels for spiritual restoration to take place in families. When families in the church are healthy, the whole community is impacted.

Makarios Church Partners
Makarios School

In the School

In addition to operating the Makarios school, we partner with under-resourced schools to provide training and resources for them to launch their own Family Empowerment Centers. Through these Family Empowerment Centers a connection between the school and the family is made that results in parents being more capable and effective in raising their children from a biblical worldview.

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