Pader, Uganda

Pader, Uganda

Partner Churches

34 Church Partners

Partner Schools

• Pader Community Nursery and Primary School

• Good Will School                          

• Alliance ’A’ School                          

• Alliance ‘B’ school                        

• Christ Church Junior school

Pader is a district located in Northern Uganda. The primary language spoken is Acholi of the Acholi people. Agriculture is a primary way to earn a living in this region. This region experienced great turmoil and war due to the insurgence of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony. The atrocities from the war have had horrific and prolonged consequences on society. While there has been relative peace for over a decade, the trauma and loss still affects families and communities throughout the region. Makarios started working with partner churches and partner schools in the Pader District in 2021. Our team equips leaders with tools and resources to better minister to families in their communities.

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