Creating Great Family Memories

Why the Family?

"If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a healthy family environment, you know the blessing and opportunities you have as a result."

Memories of your father working hard to provide for the family, your mother bandaging your scraped knee after a fall, receiving a stern word or look from your father when you were being disobedient, sharing dinner around a table, praying together as a family, having to apologize to your sibling for pestering them, a feeling of security and love; these memories create a firm foundation we need to thrive and flourish in life. Unfortunately, this is not the story being written in many families we work with. The problem is significant and we cannot sit back and let it continue.

In the Dominican Republic and around the world, the fatherless epidemic is on the rise. Sexual and physical abuse of children in the home is more prevalent than ever, addiction is robbing children of their parents’ love and affection, neglect and loneliness are leading to suicide at unprecedented rates, and the list goes on. There is a major problem, and we have an opportunity to change this story for children and families for generations to come. If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a healthy family environment, you know the blessing and opportunities you have as a result. If you did not, you know the damaging effects it can have over a lifetime.

In the midst of these dire circumstances, we have hope for restoration of the family because we have seen first hand how God can restore families. When families are restored, new memories are made; memories of affection, hearing truth in the home, feelings of security, gentle but firm discipline, and a love that only Christ can provide through a caring parent. These memories will create a new story in a child’s life which will give them the foundation they need to flourish and change the next generation.

With the hope of family restoration at the forefront, we have identified other like-minded organizations that affirm this need as a means for generational transformation. We have a strategy and plans in place to expand Makarios in this area through strategic organizational partnerships, local churches, and schools in vulnerable communities. More on that to come!

Your support of Makarios is allowing our local staff and volunteers to teach, train, equip, counsel, love, empower, and ultimately restore families through the love of Jesus Christ. Your role in this is crucial and for that we are grateful!

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