New Chapter in the Makarios Story

Our lives can be viewed as a series of stories. Sometimes there is joy, success, and adventure and other times there is sorrow, failure, and pain. These moments in time make up who we are as people and who God is shaping us to be. We are subject to His writing of the story. He is Sovereign over all.

Makarios is made up of a bunch of individual stories that compile a bigger story of how God is using this organization as a vessel to bring about restoration in the Dominican Republic. The story of how you became engaged with Makarios; the missionaries story of how they left everything they knew to love ones they didn’t know; the leaders stories in how the left careers and/or volunteered in a cause that is, from the world’s eyes, not as lucrative as it could be. All the way down to the stories of the people benefiting from the Gospel and the love that is being shared in the poorest places.

These stories make up our ministry. But within all of these stories, God is writing a much bigger story and He is using all of you as vessels for that story to take place.

Other stories

Here are some of our other stories of change.