Our Impact

Since 2004, Makarios has been investing in children and families in vulnerable communities. In 2020, we stepped back to evaluate the impact we were making in the communities we served. Here's what we found.

Working towards root cause.

Vulnerable communities in developing countries often times have systemic issues that make it extremely difficult to thrive. Many non-profit organizations focus on the symptoms of these issues, and while that is necessary, we believe God has called us to dedicate our efforts to the root cause. As is true for all communities, vulnerable or not, spiritual brokenness does not allow for them to to live up to their God-given abilities to thrive and flourish.

We took time over 2020 to revaluate the impact we were having and to seek the Lord for His guidance and direction. We recognized that our passion for family, alongside our programs and activities to strengthen and equip families, was the very thing God has been preparing us to work towards.

The year 2021 will be a big year for Makarios. We will be taking years of program design with measurable results and begin to partner with schools and churches around the island as we train, equip, and launch their Family Empowerment Programs to bring about spiritual restoration for systemic change.

Makarios family empowerment

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