Family Empowerment

We walk alongside families in the vulnerable communities we serve to equip them for spiritual restoration that leads to systemic change. We believe that God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ provide the framework for true generational restoration.

We're working to bring about spiritual restoration in vulnerable communities.

Vulnerable communities are scattered throughout developing countries and often times have systemic issues that make it extremely difficult to thrive. Many non-profit organizations focus on the symptoms of these issues, and while that is necessary, we believe God has called us to dedicate our efforts to the root cause. Spiritual brokenness will not allow families or communities to live up to their God-given abilities to thrive and flourish.

We are committed to these communities and believe God has the power to restore them though the Gospel. Our programs and activities are designed and tested in our own Family Empowerment center in Montellano, Dominican Republic and then distributed to Partner Schools and Partner Churches, as we train and equip their Family Empowerment Programs.

Our method.

Build relationship

Since the beginning of the Makarios school, our teachers and staff have been visiting the families of each student in their home. We continue these visits today as a way to express our commitment to walk with  parents in the difficult task of raising children in some of the most vulnerable situations. In these visits, we share the Gospel, discover families’ needs, and pray with them.

Train the parents

Our team hosts monthly parent trainings for all Makarios families that touch on topics such as marriage enrichment, parenting, and tools for discipling children in the home. This investment in our parents continues to impact the home environment and supports the Christian education students receive through their School.

Counsel with Scripture

In response to an overwhelming need and the scarcity of local counseling services, we provide counseling to our families on an as-needed basis. Our counselors are trained to use God’s Word as the ultimate source of authority and guidance as part of a holistic effort to bring about mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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